I’m teaching several classes all around the world this year. I’m  a bicoastal artist working in New York City and Nelson, BC so I primarily teach workshops on the East and West coasts but I occasionally offer classes in Italy and other places as well. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for information about upcoming workshops, please email To watch a full-length demo painting from one of my workshops click here.

Student comments from past classes:

“Thank you for lifting me out of my slump. You have given me new inspiration and renewed creativity.”

“I learned more in three days than I learned in three years of taking painting courses elsewhere. The painting I did at your workshop was my best one yet, and I’ve already started on a new one using the techniques and principles I’ve learned with you.”

“Not only is Kristy a great artist but unlike so many good artists, she is a generous and talented teacher. She can explain what needs to be done to make a painting “work” and gives technical explanations and demonstrations that are really useful.”

“Kristy’s painting workshops are very enjoyable and highly educational, whether you’ve painted for years or are just beginning. Not only is she a great artist, she is a great teacher who notices and explains things really well.”

  Online Art Mentoring Program

  Location: worldwide!

  Dates: Ongoing

The Art Mentoring Program is designed to help artists achieve both their technical goals as well as their artistic career goals through video and audio lessons as well as handouts, group critiques and monthly conference calls. For more information and to register online click HERE. 

 Contemporary Portrait Painting in New York City

  Location: New York Academy of Art, 111 Franklin Street

  Dates: April 18 & 19, 2020, from 11 am to 6pm, $310

This two-day portrait painting workshop is a unique opportunity for students of all levels to learn the process of painting the portrait using a full palette.  The course will center on the experience of painting from a live model and there will be a single, sustained pose throughout the workshop. Students will learn how to achieve a better likeness as well as how to paint convincing flesh tones. Each day will include a painting demonstration, discussion and individual instruction at the easel. Discussions and handouts will cover the stages to developing a painting, anatomical proportion, structure of the face and features, as well as value, edges and modeling with color temperature. The beginner will learn fundamental principles such as how to mix colors and render form modeling. The more advanced student will discover how to take their work to the next level and achieve the finish that they desire. For more information and to register online click HERE.

  Intro to Oil Painting with a Non-Toxic Process in Nelson, BC

  Location: Oxygen Art Centre, #3 320 Vernon Street

  Dates: February 22, 2020, from 10am to 5pm, $120

Learn how to create oil paintings using a completely non-toxic process. This one day workshop is a unique opportunity to learn how to select non-toxic materials, their properties and how to use them in oil painting. Kristy will walk you through the fundamentals such as preparing a toned canvas, setting up your palette, and mixing complex colors. Through lectures, demonstrations and individual instruction this course will teach you to how use the brushes to create smooth transitions of value and color. Participants will be taken through series of introductory lessons that will teach them how to perceive and blend color. The course will cover a range of painting application techniques including glazing, scumbling and impasto. The beginner will learn fundamental principles such as how to mix colors and render form modeling. The more advanced student will discover how to take their work to the next level and achieve the finish that they desire. For more Information and toe register for the class click HERE.

 Artist Statement Writing Workshop in Nelson, BC

  Location: Nelson, BC

  Dates: February 8th, 2020, from 12-2pm $30

The artist’s statement is one of the most difficult documents an artist is required to write. In this afternoon workshop Kristy Gordon will discuss exactly what an artist statement is and what common mistakes to avoid when writing a statement. This class is for visual artists of all types. Whether you have an artist’s statement that you would like to refine, or are embarking on writing a statement for the first time, this class is a must. Through lectures, discussions and individual feedback, this workshop will inform you on how to capture the essence of your work in an informative and succinct statement. Constructing this personal statement will give you a deeper understanding of your own work, how to talk about it, and will arm you with one of the most important document required in marketing your art. For more information and to register for the class email

 The Future is Female! Feminism in Art Workshop in Brooklyn

 Location: Shoestring Studio, 640 Classon, Ave, Brooklyn, NY

  Dates: March 21, 2020, from 10am to 4pm $195

What makes a work of art “feminist”, and how can feminism in art become part of your art practice? This one day intensive will include both an overview of the history of feminism in art and an application to studio practice (we will be making art!). We will begin the class with a lecture presentation, tracing feminism in art through the pioneers of the movement, up until the present and its greater context in the world today. We will view slides and videos and read aloud from text, all the while discussing as a class the context of the work and its impact on future generations of artists. After lunch, we will have the option of a myriad of mediums, that have been engaged in creating feminist works of art in the past, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and video/performance, from which to create our own original work of feminist art. Through discussion with the instructors, students will begin by sketching out ideas and drawing up a plan. The class will conclude with a discussion of the work created.

Students who finish their artwork, or choose to finish it at a later date, may submit it for inclusion in a group show in the Shoestring Studio gallery.

Materials for the Studio day will be provided.

For more information and to register for the class click HERE.

  John Singer Sargent’s Painting Techniques

  Online Streaming Video


John Singer Sargent’s painterly, colorful style has been inspiring portrait painters for decades. In this video, artist Kristy Gordon breaks down Sargent’s signature style, using reference photos and detailed demonstrations to teach techniques you can incorporate into your own portrait art. From painterly brushstrokes to realistic flesh and clothing, the lessons you learn from this video workshop will deepen your knowledge of Sargent’s mastery and help you take your portraits to the next level.

Register online HERE. 

  Portrait Painting: Rembrandt’s Techniques

  Online Streaming Video


Rembrandt’s mastery of form, light, and shadow in his timeless portraits is an inspiration to artists to this day. In this video, artist Kristy Gordon breaks down Rembrandt’s signature style, using reference photos and detailed demonstrations to teach techniques you can incorporate into your own portrait art. You’ll use a limited palette and explore techniques like glazing, scumbling, sfumato, and impasto. Come along with Kristy as she continues the tradition of improving by copying the masters, and you’ll learn classic approaches that will help you elevate your portrait painting to the next level!

Register online HERE. 

  Portrait Painting Course

  Online Streaming Video


We all have a natural affinity to the human face, making the portrait a powerful and dynamic subject. In this class I’ll teach you strategies you can rely on to create portraits that resonate with life. Before we start painting the portrait, I’ll show you some essential skills you’ll need to get started, including: staging & lighting the model, understanding light & shadow, measuring techniques, and more! The portrait demonstration then begins with a toned ground on which we create a monochromatic underpainting. Next, I’ll show you my color palette and strategies for mixing skin tones as we block in an overall color for the light side and shadow side. This is followed by the modeling of big forms and darkening at the edges. To finish we’ll discuss the how to construct the features properly, and describe the different planes of the face. We’ll add the highlights and fine-tune the edges to complete a portrait that you will be proud of!

Register online HERE. 



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